Cost is $4.95 monthly + system
Installations available
weekends and nights

Monitor your apartment to see if anyone enters (including landlord) while you are not at home
Monitor your home or apartment to see if your children are at home and what they are doing
Monitor your pets at home
Monitor workmen who are doing jobs at your home while you are away
Monitor a vacation home and receive an alert if there is a break-in
Keep an eye on your retail or other business when you are not at work (especially cashiers)
Keep an eye on a relative who is ill and at home alone
Keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny so that you know the type of care being provided to children
To do all this, all you need is your PC, and the Internet Watchman software that we provide. With this combination, you can keep an eye on things, all the time and effortlessly.

The Internet Watchman software detects motion and noise.
The software sends you an email along with a snapshot of the intruder (showing the data and time of intrusion).
The software can send messages to your mobile phone or record a video of the activity
You can monitor any location from wherever you are using a web browser and an Internet connection.

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